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Unfortunately, most schools do not teach their students comprehensive tech literacy. While many schools teach the basics of using computers and many students have their own personal computers, for the districts that cannot afford tech for their students or whose families cannot afford it, there is a severe lack in understanding how technology functions. What technology many districts do have is outdated and will be completely obsolete once students enter the workforce. There are huge career opportunities in tech, even for those who have a basic understanding of it, along with many other benefits.

This question is one of the most common amongst smartphone users. We cannot live without our phones and they help us out in virtually every area of our lives. When you first get a new phone, you might not have to charge it for a day or two and never worry about it dying while you’re out to dinner or traveling. Unfortunately, this honeymoon phase always ends, much more quickly than we’d imagine. Soon, you’re babying your phone and keeping it plugged in every time you’re near an outlet. You’ve probably ordered multiple portable chargers only to realize you forgot to charge them and your phone’s about to die while you’re waiting on an important call. While there is not a guaranteed solution to these issues with smartphone’s batteries, here are some tips that can make yours last longer.

Here are some tips to show why it’s vitally important to automate your social media. When you automate your social media profiles, you’ll save endless amounts of time that you would have otherwise used to post on your accounts. You’ll also post consistently, which is a great way to engage and cultivate your audience.