Technology and sales will always be linked, but what specific benefits are available now?

Getting information about customers and staying connected with your sales team is always vital. Here are two technology points that will help your business grow, boost efficiency, and learn better.

Data Tagging & Customer Details

Private customer information is a touchy subject. There’s no shortage of lawsuits, legal penalties, and customer anger when information is lost or someone reveals that companies are being a bit too intrusive.

To avoid a lot of the scarier parts of customer information, it’s time to talk about what’s fair game. While figuring out how to generate new customers is a challenge, existing customers deliver a lot of helpful information.

Digital Point of Sales (POS) terminals are the core of getting ethical, legal, and helpful information from your customers. They can be tied to all parts of your business–from inventory to sales to marketing–and can link products and services to customers.

Discussing that link is just scratching the surface. Meta-data, data about data, means attaching or tagging details such as time and date, cost, purchase frequency, and other factors to both products and customers.

Knowing that a certain customer likes certain things is helpful, and knowing how–not just how much–a certain product is purchased or even accessed is vital. With a digital POS terminal, all of that information is logged ethically.

You can either keep anonymous customer records or start a membership campaign. It’s not that all customers hate giving information; the bigger issue is being spied upon without consent.

Faster Collaboration

Group chats, voice apps, and video options are all over the internet. There’s no shortage of Slack, Discord, and other collaboration apps with the ability to tailor communication to your team’s needs.

Whether your sales team is full of socialites, lone wolves, or everything in between, the ability to share information and report back while maintaining personal sales details is endless.

What does modern collaboration look like? Forget about Facebook groups and Twitter DMs–although you can keep using those for potential clientele. You can create chat rooms and manage direct messages with a lot of features and fewer outside clicks.

What if you want your team to see a YouTube video or listen to a speech while staying engaged in the conversation. Tools such as Slack and Discord can play the videos within the chat window without covering everything up.

If you need to send a quick picture, there’s no need to upload it to another site. If you need to edit the picture, many collaboration apps have built-in pen and paint tools.

Are there customers who need a specific product, or do you need to send quick details about a broken system or live customer feedback? Toss it in chat and let the team talk while you stay engaged on site.

Collaboration is becoming more customizable every day. For other sales team tools, contact a sales and technology professional to discuss greater potential in the digital age.

Photo by Julian O’hayon on Unsplash.