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Lisa Laporte is an experienced professional who has worked in various industries. Having worked as CFO, consultant, founder, and CEO, Lisa has a strong understanding of the various aspects of running a business and what’s required to excel at your job. She’s been able to build significant experience in various types of business, such as startups and is also talented at building successful teams, using business development to establish quality partnerships, and generating income. Lisa Laporte feels confident that she’s up to the task of running a business and has had the opportunity to see how a company functions on various levels.

At 33, Lisa Laporte began her entrepreneurial journey, mainly by starting her own consulting agency. Lisa had spent many years working and established herself as a professional. While working, Lisa created an extensive network of connections she was able to rely on when she launched her business. Thanks to these connections, she was able to create a thriving consulting business. One of Lisa’s main focuses during this time was working with small businesses in order to streamline their companies and work toward higher levels of success. At the highest point of her consulting career, Lisa Laporte was the CFO of three companies, oversaw twenty different clients across and array of industries, and had other bookkeepers working for her.

Today, Lisa Laporte works as the CEO of both and Artisanal Agency. While juggling both of these roles takes an incredible amount of work, Lisa finds her work incredibly satisfying and would not want to do anything else. Lisa understands the immense importance of taking risks in business and adhering to strong values of integrity of hard work. She’s excited to be able to help out others as they launch their own podcasts or work in one of her companies.

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Artisanal Agency, LLC

Sept 2015 – Present

Petaluma, CA

Lisa Laporte founded Artisanal Agency, LLC, which is an Internet ad sales company that works closely with clients and networks to develop win-win relationships by delivering ads that super-serve our networks audiences. The company heavily vets all potential clients and carefully matches networks with clients.



Feb 2008 – present

Petaluma, CA

At TWiT, Lisa Laporte manages a staff of twenty, oversees all aspects of technology based podcasting company, negotiates & executes advertising contracts, manages outside sales & inside sales, manages production team, performs executive producer responsibilities with founder, oversees engineering department, performs all human resource duties, oversees accounting processes, maintains partner relationships, cash flow projections, and business development.



Kentzell’s Consulting Service

Feb 2006 – June 2011

Lisa Laporte worked as the full charge CEO/CFO/accounting/finance/management/bookkeeping/consulting services for all types of industries. Her book of business included thirty companies with twenty clients and she held the Controller/CFO title with most clients. Her employees performed all the basic bookkeeping work while her skill set included high-end management, CEO, CFO duties with experience and knowledge in A/R, A/P, G/L, bank statement reconciliations, cash flow projections, budgets, payroll, sales tax, occupancy tax, job costing, financial statements, audit schedules, insurance negotiations & renewals, new loans & refinances for commercial & residential properties, amortization, depreciation, all aspects of accounting from set up, clean up, to maintenance, oversaw audits, maintained relationships with CPA firms & banks. Lisa’s position evolved quickly and a majority of her time was spent managing accounting teams, hiring & training new employees, working with executive teams on growth and/or cutbacks, and focusing primarily on Controller/CFO/CEO duties.




University of Phoenix

B.S. in Business Management



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