Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the world because it is versatile, durable and extremely cheap to produce. Unfortunately, most forms of plastic can take hundreds of years to fully decompose. This has left us with tons of plastic garbage that is quickly destroying the environment. It may be a little less convenient, but it is very important to stop using plastic on a daily basis. These are the four best ways to replace plastic in your house.

Get Reusable Grocery Bags

Plastic bags are almost universally used in stores to help customers carry their purchased items. The biggest culprits of this poor habit are the grocery stores. One person can easily go through hundreds of plastic bags in a year from buying groceries. The best way to eliminate this unnecessary plastic usage is by getting reusable mesh grocery bags. The cashier will gladly put your items in these bags when you go through the checkout line.

No More Straws

Straws are a great way to enjoy your favorite beverage, but they are often discarded after a single use. You can do your small part to help the environment by never using plastic straws again. If you absolutely must drink with a straw, then make sure to purchase a few metal straws. These handy items can easily be washed after every use. They will also easily fit in a pocket or purse when you go out.

Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Bottled water has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. It is just so easy to head to the refrigerator and grab a bottle before leaving the house. This dangerous habit has made water bottles one of the main sources of plastic pollution in the world. You can easily solve this problem by investing in a nice metal thermos. These portable beverage containers can be reused for years. They will also keep your water cold in every climate.

Glass Food Containers

Plastic containers are a popular way to store leftovers. They are also commonly used to transport meals to work on a daily basis. While these containers are usually reused, it is still best to avoid them. If you are regularly storing food, then make sure to invest in a solid set of glass food containers.

Photo by Le Creuset on Unsplash.