Whether looking to improve productivity or kill time with a game, there are tens of thousands of applications available on the Google Play store. However, it’s not possible to test each and every one of these and many apps are just not great for the user experience. Instead of searching through apps on your own, here are five excellent apps for Android to consider using this year.

Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher App provides a new look for your phone’s launch screen. The standard screen provides very little in way of information and is pretty uniform when you first get your phone. However, this application changes that. It offers an assortment of background displays, the ability to view Work or Home based applications, or log directly into Google, YouTube, Hangouts or other designed apps, all without needing to unlock the screen.

Google Duo

The video calling application by Google is the best option out there for easy video calls. It’s simple, clean, easy to use, and free to download. It even provides a “Knock Knock” tool, which shows the person calling before ever answering the call. If you’ve wanted your own version of Facetime, here it is.

WPS Office + PDF

For individuals who regularly use Microsoft Office Suite, it’s often necessary to view and even edit content from a mobile device. This app is fully compatible with all Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files, not to mention it can easily display PDF files as well. It also connects to the Office Cloud, making it easy to access previously saved documents, edit the contents, then save them back to the cloud.


There are times where it’s necessary to transfer files from a computer to an Android phone. However, outside of emailing files to oneself or installing multiple exchange programs on a computer while using a USB data cable, there are not many great options. Xender solves this issue. It doesn’t require an exchange program on the computer and it doesn’t require a cable either and makes file sharing simple.


When it’s necessary to create and edit photographs, there are dozens of available options out there. However, PicsArt provides more features and editing tools than nearly any of the competing applications. There is even a social media element to the application, allowing individuals to share their created images with other users of the app. It’s perfect for both professional and personal use.

These are five of the best Android apps currently available. Whether a business professional or a student attending college, each of these apps offers unique services designed to improve some daily part of your routine.