Mobile phones come in handy in helping us lead a simple yet well-integrated life. Perhaps, one of the biggest concerns of mobile phones is that they consume too much power and go off when least expected and most needed. As a mobile phone owner, you probably wish that your phone could be powered for just a little longer and have extended battery life. Here are some tips on what to do to prolong your smartphone’s battery.

Limiting the use of the phone camera

Your phone’s camera is one of the biggest consumers of battery power. The flash consumes an even bigger portion of your battery’s stored energy. As a rule of the thumb, monitoring and controlling how regularly you use the camera to either take pictures or videos can help increase your battery’s life.

Turning off location services

Mobile applications, such as Google Maps and games, which require you to turn on your phone’s location service, consume a lot of power. To prolong your battery’s life, you may be required to turn off the location services whenever not in use.

Check on your battery usage profile

Modern-day smartphones give you an overview of which mobile applications consume your battery power the most. Checking these settings once or twice a day and stopping the high-energy consuming applications can help give your battery an extended lifetime. Applications such as Wi-Fi, games, and social media apps, which run in the background, consume way too much power when left running.

Use the low-power consumption mode

Mobile phones, running on Android or iOS applications, have special features that can enable you to limit the battery’s energy consumption rates. Turning on the Battery Saving Mode on Android phones and the Low Power Mode on Apple phones reduces the energy consumption rates of your phone by controlling the background applications, thereby significantly extending your battery power.

Using battery saving apps

Mobile app developers have created mobile apps that can cut back on your phone’s energy consumption. Applications such as the Du Battery Saver can be set to automatically limit and adjust your phone’s power needs by turning off applications which are rarely used but consume lot of power. When correctly configured, these battery saver apps can extend your battery’s power by a few hours. The good thing about such applications is that they can be configured to automatically kick-in when the phone stays in a few seconds of inactivity.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash.