We all have older electronics we no longer use. More often than not, we end up letting these items sit in a drawer or closet because we simply don’t know what to do with them. Most people update their phones every couple of years, but hold on to the older models. We also seem wary of getting rid of laptops, even if the data is backed up. When you purchase a new tv, what do you do with the old one? It’s something not many people know much about, because getting rid of older electronics can be a bit complicated depending what it is and often requires special steps. You cannot simply throw your desktop from the early 2000s in the trashcan and not worry about it.

Sell it to someone

If the technology you’re getting rid of is still functional, but you’ve replaced it with something more up-to-date, you might want to consider selling it. You can easily post on Facebook groups or other online forums or download an app that allows you to sell items. There are lots of options out there and people are always looking for a good deal. Remember, before selling any electronic device, make sure you wipe it clear of your data so no one learns your personal information.

Donate it to charity

Instead of selling an item, maybe you feel more inclined to donate it. Or maybe it isn’t in great condition, but still usable. Regardless, donating technology to charity is great, but make sure you aren’t unloading a useless piece of tech on a charity. Before donating, make sure it’s usable or can be easily fixed and where you’re donating the electronic actually takes these kinds of donations. There are also more niche donation organizations that specialize in tech and can likely repair any minor issues.

Learn about restrictions

There are some electronics you can simply throw out, but before attempting to do so or donating it, make sure you learn about any descriptions regarding the item. Maybe it was recalled for some flaw or there might be toxic parts that could leak in the landfill. Donating electronics are usually your best option because they can be properly dealt with.

Use parts that are still good

Once you learn about any potentially toxic parts of your electronic, you can possibly use some of the parts for something else. If you have a decent understanding of how electronics work and are put together, you might be able to recycle some of the parts from your old device and then properly dispose of whatever’s left over.

Find an electronics store

If you’re looking for a specialized donation center that makes getting rid of electronics simple, head to your local electronics store. Best Buy has an entire program focused on taking old electronics that no one wants anymore and may even give you some money depending on the type of electronic and the condition it’s in. Do your research and then see if you can drop of your old technology at your local store.