Since the introduction of Bluetooth technology in 1998, device users have enjoyed wireless connectivity. Bluetooth capabilities are found in desktop and laptop computers and in smartphones and headphones. Many automotive manufacturers have also begun using the technology and it is especially useful in vehicles.

Phone calls

By now, many vehicle owners are aware of the ability to use Bluetooth enables smartphone and headgear to make or take phone calls while driving via voice command. Thus, drivers need not take their hands from the steering wheel or veer their gaze from the road.

Text messages

The potential for becoming involved in a motor vehicle collision while viewing or sending a text message is great. However, with Bluetooth technology and voice command capability, drivers are able to send and receive text messages without using their hands or veering their visual attention.

Music streaming

By linking a smartphone to a vehicle’s infotainment system, drivers or other occupants are able to listen to their favorite playlists. Bluetooth additionally enables users to stream internet radio stations. Playlists can also be updated by accessing on-demand services that include Pandora or Spotify. Drivers and occupants have the option of controlling infotainment functionality via voice command or the touchscreen provided on newer vehicle models.

Stream videos

Younger passengers often become restless and bored while making long road trips. However, when equipped with Bluetooth-enabled devices, children have the option of listening to their favorite music or watching YouTube videos or stream movies.

Diagnose mechanical issues

Using a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or other mobile device, vehicle owners have the option of diagnosing unexpected mechanical problems. Users need to simply acquire an OBD-II scanner and plug the device into the OBD-II port. Install the software on a smartphone or another mobile device. The scanner evaluates the problem and sends the appropriate code and explanation to the phone or mobile tablet.

Vehicle owners have the option of correcting the problem themselves or taking the vehicle to a dealership garage for repairs. In this way, the owner obtains the knowledge of the issue, which reduces the chance of paying for unnecessary repairs. There are many types of scanners available that cost infinitely less than professional models that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more. The devices are also reported as being more accurate.

Photo by Courtney Corlew on Unsplash.