Smart home technologies are equipped with communication abilities that enable devices to perform certain tasks automatically or enables consumers to assume control via remote access. The market for smart home devices is promising. Sales are predicted to increase by 11 percent in the next decade.

Types Of Smart Technology

Smart technology options are many. The choices cover a wide range of typical home appliances. Available devices containing the technology run the gamut and include coffee makers, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and entertainment systems. Other options include security systems and interior environmental control over climate and lighting.

The technology enables users to remotely start an appliance while home or away from home. Take inventory of refrigerated items and create shopping lists. Homeowners never need to worry about having turned off an appliance when the ability to start or stop an item may take place anywhere and at any time.

Benefits The Elderly & The Infirm

While smart home technologies are a great convenience for the average homeowner, the appliances might also be used to ensure the independence of an elderly loved one. They might assist someone with a disability. The devices may prevent safety hazards and make life easier in a number of ways.

Due to the popularity of the technology, the initial cost is likely to be reduced for various appliances in the future. Family members have the choice of many different smart technologies for their elderly or disabled loved one. The devices might be controlled via smartphones or other mobile devices. Some accept voice commands.

Security locks-Doors might be locked or unlocked without ever having to get up and manually perform the action. Some locks enable keyboard access, which is convenient for individuals who receive visits from family members or caretakers. Each visitor might have their own code. Some doors open and close remotely. Smart doorbells equipped with video cameras enable individuals to identify anyone who comes to the door.

Smart entertainment-Television sets turn on/off and play at designated times on specific channels. Users have the option of selecting preset radio stations or playlists via remote or voice control.

Bathroom technology-Bathtubs or showers equipped with smart technology turn on/off and ensures the water reaches a preprogrammed temperature.

Smart alarm clocks, medication dispensers, robotic mops and vacuums, security systems are also available smart technologies that may benefit loved ones.

Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash.