The Industrial Era and its practices have brought us to a place where we have made the planet unhealthy. Fortunately, some people have been using new innovations to help save our earth and create a better place for future generations and the creatures that live within it. It’s important that we start using clean renewable energy resources in our daily lives, but we need to take it a step further. We need to choose better options but also develop ways to fix the current state we are in with plastic pollution and climate change. Here a few technologies that are currently doing just that.


Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies

Andrew Blum from Time Magazine explains these technologies as “removing carbon from the atmosphere and either physically storing it, often underground, or leveraging natural processes that capture and store it, as trees do…”. MIT is currently researching this through its energy initiative. If we can capture carbon dioxide, we can reduce its effect on our environment.


Technologies Fighting Plastic Pollution

Different companies and devices are being deployed into rivers and oceans to help collect the plastic that pollutes water and hurts the wildlife that lives in it, but there is a lot more that goes into combating this problem. Satellites are used to determine the most concentrated areas of trash in the ocean and artificial intelligence is being used to help us understand natural systems that could eventually lead to the prevention of plastic pollution. These issues are being fought with a culmination of technology.


Social Media

Although Social Media is not the most recent technological advancement, it has the potential to make the most impact. Sharing pictures and information with the world is vital in continuing to bring awareness to plastic pollution and climate change. Many have gotten away with ignoring the damage that plagues our earth, but social media has the ability to bring it to people’s attention through influencers, news organizations, and the people who are directly affected. 


Technology is amazing and has the potential to help fight climate change, but there is still a need for preventative measures rather than treatment. Look into what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and support companies making a conscious effort to reduce theirs as well as those who are working to fix the problem. Technological companies working on new inventions need all the help they can get to improving technology and getting us on the right track. Do a quick search to see how you can participate or donate to these companies, and start helping today!


Photo by NASA on Unsplash