If you happen to work in a capacity that involves computers and screens there is a common side effect, tired eyes. Aside from vision issues that only an optometrist can diagnose, long periods of screen time can take its toll on even the most perfect of vision holders. Here are a few tips to help keep your eyes rested and in good condition so that you can keep on, keeping on. 

Computer Glasses 

Glasses can help reduce the glare from monitors and help with focus. There are mixed reviews on whether or not blue light glasses can help reduce eye strain from computer screens, but if you wear glasses on the regular, some of the computer glasses features can be put into your prescription lenses as well. 

Eating Your Veggies 

Not only does eating vegetables help your digestive system and lower blood pressure, but it can also help your vision

Take Breaks 

Just as you need to take breaks from work, you also need to take breaks from screens. Close your eyes, go for a walk, or look out the window.

Limit Screen Time After Work 

It’s tempting to go right over to your television or scroll through Instagram after work, but try finding some other entertainment options for a bit. Play with your drone, take some cool photos, or play a board game with your family or friends. 


Not only does resting your eyes mean taking them away from screens, it also means getting actual good sleep. Your body repairs itself while sleeping, so it’s important that you are getting proper sleep in general. 

Go To The Eye Doctor 

Eye health starts with professionals. They can tell you if there is more going on with your vision and can help you correct it if necessary. It’s always a good idea to make sure everything is working properly with your eyes and only a doctor can do that. 

All of these options are great for helping you physically overall, but if you’re having trouble focusing or you’re experiencing headaches it could be that you have tired eyes. So pay attention to your eyes so you can keep them on a healthy path.

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash