Videos can be an excellent, or even integral, part of any company’s marketing plan. However, like other elements of content marketing, companies need to go about creating and using videos the right way for them to be truly effective. The following is a basic overview of how videos can be used to enhance any company’s marketing strategy.

Why videos work

Videos work well as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy because they attract more attention than text posts, or even images, due to human brain biology. Different people prefer to absorb information in different ways, meaning a guide that details steps in text, in photos, and in video form will appeal to a wider audience than if the guide was only in one format. Videos can also be the most effective way of showcasing the products a company provides its customers.

How to make videos

Businesses have a number of options for creating videos. Smartphones and tablets have made creating basic videos much easier, especially on a spur-of-the-moment basis. Companies can also create more professional videos by using a controlled studio, quality audio and video recording equipment, and even using actors. Be sure to have access to a good video editing program to produce videos of professional quality.

Creating engaging content

Like other forms of content marketing, companies need to focus on creating videos that provide quality content their viewers want to watch. It is critical to center the video around a story rather than a sale. When planning a video, factors such as information, entertainment, messaging, and the promotion of professional expertise should be considered. Try to keep videos from seeming dry – make them fun.

Where to post videos

Social media should be where companies focus much of their video marketing efforts. An important variant would be livestreaming, where a video is streamed live instead of posted after it is recorded. Live-streaming is a great way to drum up interest for events and share things of interest that are currently happening. Social media platforms also allow users to share videos they find especially interesting, useful or amusing, which provides additional exposure for brands. Videos can also be posted directly on corporate sites.

Videos are a type of content that can be heavily effective for marketing purposes. Companies that aren’t using them should seriously consider starting. Be sure to incorporate their use into a larger, comprehensive content marketing strategy.