Most of us buy a computer and use the keyboard that comes with it without a second thought. The end. But there is actually an amazing market out there with keyboards that may appeal specifically to you! Maybe you spilled a glass of wine on your keyboard and you need to replace it. If this is the case, expand your horizons and consider these elements.



We have come a long way from the legendary IBM keyboard. It was loud, but people loved it and still do. The question is: do you need that loud clicking and clacking in an office environment or at home? You actually have a choice! There are keyboards that are designed to be as quiet as possible, even if you are an angry typist, slamming each key into submission. If you don’t mind a little sound, there are some that have a click that’s quieter. You are, of course, welcome to the loud sounds that equal the noise of a typewriter if you desire.



Some people adore the previously mentioned keyboard from IBM, as it brings back the memories of our computer past. Maybe you love your keyboard from 2001 just because of the way it looked and you want to look at it now. In this case, your choice is about your feelings toward your keyboard and they are certainly available for you to take a walk down memory lane as you click away throughout the day.



Alas, repetitive motion can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and other ailments, so as is the case for many, you may have to opt for a keyboard that will protect your hands and wrists in the long run. There are ergonomic keyboards out there that are either one whole keyboard or ones that have the option to be separated, depending on your needs. Ergonomics are different for everyone and getting the right fit is important.



There are some really cool looking keyboards out there. Sleek, multicolored, or a match to your computer’s style. You can find something that makes you happy to look at and makes others “ooh” and “aww”!


If you didn’t know you had a choice before, you know now. Find the best keyboard for you and make yourself happy! After all, if you spend most of your day at a computer typing away, you might as well get something that you love and works best for you.

Photo by Troy Chen on Unsplash