Unfortunately, most schools do not teach their students comprehensive tech literacy. While many schools teach the basics of using computers and many students have their own personal computers, for the districts that cannot afford tech for their students or whose families cannot afford it, there is a severe lack in understanding how technology functions. What technology many districts do have is outdated and will be completely obsolete once students enter the workforce. There are huge career opportunities in tech, even for those who have a basic understanding of it, along with many other benefits.

Career advancement

A general knowledge of technology can often lead to career advancement. No matter what industry you work in, a certain degree of technology is required. If students can start a career with basic knowledge of how to navigate a computer or use a camera to record video, they’re more likely to quickly advance.

Create new tech

By having tech literacy and understanding how technology functions, it makes it more easy for students to later develop new tech. Today’s students are the ones who are going to make the next advancements in technology, so it’s important that they understand how technology functions now. Young people will have some of the most innovative ideas and be able to solve many issues that we haven’t yet identified.

Learn design skills

Graphic design, videographer, and other related design careers are rapidly growing. These skills can be used in any business and teaching students basic design skills can help them find a future career or create their own designs. Students can use their design skills to start a hobby, or even career, in photography or graphic design.

Get a tech career

The technology industry is a rapidly expanding business and has plenty of jobs available for those with the correct skills. If students are taught tech literacy, including basic coding skills, it’s very possible for those students to pursue lucrative careers in technology. They can attend a four-year college, take online classes, go to a tech school, or even teach themselves; there are endless options for students wishing to work in the tech industry.

Enhances communication

Finally, a great reason students should be taught tech literacy is because it enhances communication. Teaching students how to properly communicate over email, how to manage their social media accounts in a mature way, and general ways to use technology to connect and collaborate others leads to a more connected world with better communication skills and opportunities.