No matter where you work, there are definitely options to utilize technology in ways that positively impact your workplace. When you work with other people, there are lots of pieces of technology you can use to make working together more efficient and connect with each other better. As someone who runs their own business or is responsible for a team of people, it can seem impossible to get everyone to connect or collaborate on something together. If some of your team works remotely, it can be challenging to connect with them, especially as coworkers. However, you can utilize a video and file sharing sites to set up meetings and collaborate on projects. This example is simply one of many on how technology can be used to help you and your employees work better together.


One of the best ways to engage employees and bring them together is through utilizing webinars. There are plenty of webinars online that you tune into for free, you just have to find some and see whether or not they’re relevant to your company. Webinars usually do not last more than an hour and are a great way for employees to listen into some relevant advice for their jobs and then discuss what they learned afterwards. You could also have your team make their own webinar on a topic related to your company and industry. It’s a great project and provides some marketing for your business as well.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular and allows your team to share files with one another. Whether your team is remote or works in the same room, this technology makes it incredibly easy to share a project or notes. If they have to work on something together, cloud computing is definitely an option to make collaboration easier.

Connect various people/teams

For most companies, there are various departments and teams spread out through the business, sometimes not even in the same building or city. Even if your main team works close to one another, sometimes it can be beneficial to connect them with other teams in the company. Maybe they need advice from someone located at a difference office. Videoconferencing and file sharing technology makes working together that much easier and can help the employees actually connect instead of simply sharing emails.

Motivate employees

You can also use technology to motivate employees in various ways. One option is to give them technology to use, such as a company phone or tablet and then let them take it home with them. Or, you can provide state-of-the-art technology in the office that helps make employees more efficient. Encourage the use of new technology and teach them the various ways it can be used to increase productivity.

Better feedback

With technology, you can often get better feedback on your performance and how employees are managing their jobs. While you don’t want your team to feel as though you’re monitoring their every move, you can use certain technology to track where they are on an assignment or contribute to something they’re working on. You can also use technology to give employees the chance to offer anonymous feedback or notes on ways to improve the company. When working on a project together, allowing members of the team to edit it can lead to more efficient work.
After you try some of these techniques, here are actual pieces of technology you can use to increase teamwork and connectivity in the workplace.