Video-sharing websites are some of the most visited sites on the internet. Many businesses understand the popularity of these sites and utilize them to advertise their products and services. Although there are several video-sharing platforms, Instagram’s IGTV is an emerging platform that has piqued the interest of some entrepreneurs and seems like a promising way for influencers to reach their audiences. For small businesses, it’s still up in the air about whether or not they should utilize IGTV as well.

The main difference between IGTV and other video-sharing platforms is vertical video integration. This type of integration is essential for mobile users. This need is because 96% of all video watching takes place on mobile devices  being held vertically. Additionally, nearly 50% of all videos are viewed using mobile devices. With this understood, small businesses have an opportunity to create videos with IGTV that are likely to be viewed in their entirety because the video is presented in a vertical format.

The fact that IGTV is a newer video-sharing platform makes it ideal for small businesses because the platform is likely to continue growing over time. Small businesses would be wise to utilize the platform now while the potential for growth is significant and get in early so they can more easily adapt to future changes.

Utilizing IGTV is also important for small businesses so that they are not placing all their eggs into one basket. Using multiple platforms ensures that if there is a problem with one platform, the business is still visible on other platforms and can get information out and connect with their audience.

Although there are positive outcomes that can be realized through the use of IGTV, there are also some challenges. The main challenge with this video-sharing platform is the difficulty associated with distributing videos. Users have noted that getting their Instagram followers to watch their videos can be challenging. The integration of IGTV onto the Instagram platform is not seamless and this often causes followers to overlook the videos or ignore them in favor of Instagram stories which are much better integrated into the Instagram platform.

Small businesses should definitely take into consideration the pros and cons of incorporating IGTV into their overall business strategy. This platform has substantial potential for growth and small businesses can benefit from IGTV. In addition, businesses benefit greatly from diversifying their social media platforms. However, there are challenges associated with distribution and the number of followers that actually watch IGTV videos. All of the aforementioned information should be taken into consideration when deciding if a small business should utilize IGTV.