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Technology has given us many ways to make our lives both easier and more comfortable. One population, in particular, we often don’t think about, can also benefit greatly from technology, our aging population. Not only are there amazing new devices that are accessible for them, but there are also gadgets that make their quality of life better including the ability to assist with helping them keep their independence. If you have someone in your life who may need a little extra help or companionship, consider one of these amazing devices.


Ellie Q

This bot is designed as a lovely little fun companion. She interacts with others using AI to help people stay connected to their loved ones using video calls and messaging. She offers reminders throughout the day to help you stay in a routine and gives you everything from news to Q & A sessions and cognitive simulations. Ellie Q is a great option for curbing loneliness and providing a happier relationship with tech.


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Independence is huge for adults. When facing Alzheimer’s or Dementia, if someone else is not tracking their pill-taking, pills can get missed or taken too much. This handy device is a monthly rental that has pills locked until it’s time to take them and makes sure the correct dosage is given. There are four different models depending on your needs, but the MedMinder can certainly come in handy.  


    Photo Credit MedMinder website


GrandPad Tablet

Constantly changing technology can be cumbersome for our aging population. Smartphones or tablets are often small devices with hard to read print, but the GrandPad Tablet has helped change that. Users can create a private network that will protect them from spam while still easily connecting them to loved ones. It has an easy to read display with a stylus so clicking on content isn’t as difficult. 


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It’s nice to know that there are gadgets out there that can truly help our seniors have a better quality of life. These devices can give someone you love a little joy and help them to keep their independence longer. We want them to be happy, and thankfully there are some amazing innovations coming out all the time from compassionate individuals who see a need and aspire to bring technology into the hands of those who need it. I for one, can’t wait to see what amazing things will come out next.