Technology is advancing faster than ever. Many advancements have been introduced in the last decade. Creative minds have developed a number of convenient and life-changing ideas while others brought them to life.

3D Printed Organs

Creating organ replacements using 3D printing technology may one day alleviate the need for life-saving organs. Scientists have successfully printed tracheae for needy patients. Researchers are in the process of developing the means to print other organs. Skin is one of the recent developments that would improve the care provided to burn victims. The technology uses the patient’s own stem cells to create the organ, which eliminates the possibility of rejection.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Automating machinery has been shown to improve performance in a number of manufacturing industries. Combining technology with artificial intelligence enables programs to learn and make improvements as needed. The advancements have also been incorporated in robots to perform tasks that are deemed too dangerous or physically impossible for humans.

Bionic Eyes

A California company called Second Sight received FDA approval in 2013 to introduce the Bionic Eye. The eye combines efforts with a camera installed into eyeglasses. The camera and eye wirelessly transmit data to a retinal implant. The innovation provides visually-impaired patients with a greater degree of vision and possibly the ability to recognize color.


In addition to being able to communicate with friends, family members, and others via traditional voice calls and text messages, the devices act as pocket-sized computers. By downloading a variety of apps, people use their smartphones to perform many activities once confined to computer use. Smartphones provide easy access to navigation directions, perform banking transactions or make purchases.

Social Media

Social media sites provide users with more opportunities to keep in touch with loved ones near and far. Businesses also make use of the technology to advertise products and services, interact with current and future clients and receive feedback. The advancements made on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and others enable users to implement multimedia in addition to text messages.

Paralysis Treatment

Electronic implants and electrodes developed by researchers at the Case Western Reserve University replace the damaged connections in the central nervous system. The technology brings hope to paraplegics and quadriplegics who may have lost movement ability secondary to traumatic injuries.

Photo by McDobbie Hu on Unsplash.