Podcasts in the modern-day have gained an explosive surge in popularity. Estimates show that about 112 million Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. The rising trend of popularity in podcast listening is making content producers and advertisers particularly keen on using podcasts as an important channel of marketing. But why are podcast becoming so popular? Here are some crucial indicators that paint a clearer picture of the increasing podcast popularity.

Great production value

The cost of creating a podcast as compared to the value or benefit gained from it is relatively low. A podcaster only needs to have a high-quality microphone that is properly set and configured to capture audio clearly to start a podcast. You’ll also need a computer and internet connectivity, but the majority of people already have this resources. This start-up gear gives a prospecting podcaster the opportunity to create and build upon a podcasting channel at no additional production costs. However, as you become more professional, it’ll be necessary to continue to invest in better equipment.

High internet reach and mobility

The current generation of internet users is particularly lucky due to the various tech advances that have been made so far in the area of internet access. More people are gaining access to high-speed internet connectivity than ever before. Also, internet access devices and gadgets have become more popular and more portable. This portability makes it possible for virtually anyone to access the internet from anywhere. Access to podcasts has, therefore, been made relatively easy and mobile, which means more and more people will listen to them.


When podcasts were first introduced, they saw a massive explosion in fame, largely due to the high number of influential persons who utilize the platform. This user base helped draw the attention of most people around the globe while also giving them an opportunity to use and assess the relevance and accuracy of podcasts for convenient communication and information gathering.

Suitability of podcasts

Podcasts have come as a suitable way of accessing content across the internet. Since podcasts only require that you be able to hear the audio, they have become a suitable and safe channel of accessing information even when the listener is multitasking. Cars have been built with platforms that make it possible for one to access podcasts through the internet using Bluetooth or on portable storage devices such as USB sticks. Podcasts are a great option for people with long commutes who have to keep their eyes on the road or are walking to their destination.