You can find tens of thousands of podcasts from all around the world. No matter what you’re interested in, it’s likely that there’s a podcast about it somewhere out there. One of the many reasons podcasts are so great is that you can access them easily, either while in your car, through your phone, or on your computer. You can play a podcast while doing something else and listen to any genre that piques your interest. If you don’t already listen to podcasts, learn about some of the reasons why you should.

Personal touch

While reading is great and something many people enjoy doing, there’s a much more personal quality to podcasts. You’re listening to someone’s voice as they talk to you, often about deep topics that make you think. Instead of merely reading about someone’s personal experience or opinions, you hear them spoken out loud just as you would during a regular conversation as someone tells you a story.

New knowledge

No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a podcast about it somewhere out there. You can find plenty of podcasts that talk you through something, such as how to start knitting, how to begin writing, or how to craft a great resume. Regardless of what you want to learn about, there are podcasts for it. There are also podcasts that cater to every type of fan and interest. If you’re a big fan of some television show or band, there’s bound to be at least one podcast where other fans discuss the topic so you can keep up with news, speculation, and other fans’ opinions.

Can listen wherever

Thanks to the abundance of WiFi, you can access podcasts nearly anywhere. You can listen in the car, while you’re walking, or at work. If you don’t have access to WiFi, you can download podcasts ahead of time and listen when you’re offline. Since podcasts are audio files, they’ll download quickly and take up a minimal amount of space on your phone.

Usually free

Except in rare cases, podcasts are free. You don’t have to pay a subscription or buy them. You can stream podcasts from their individual websites, an app, or off of iTunes. You can listen to all the podcasts you want and don’t have to worry about how much it costs  or if you’re exceeding a limit. You can teach yourself something new at no cost and it’s so important to always be learning.

You can multitask

One of the best parts of podcasts is they’re made to be listened to while you’re doing something else. You can’t read and drive or navigate busy streets, but you can easily listen to a podcast during your morning commute. You can go to the gym and listen while you’re working out or you can study, work on a project, run errands, or do chores, all while listening to a podcast in the background. You can even listen to a podcast while you’re getting ready in the morning! Podcasts make mundane tasks much more interesting and the time will fly by.