Lisa Laporte

CEO of TWiT, a podcast network focusing on technology

Lisa Laporte is the CEO of TWiT, a podcast network focusing on technology. Having joined the company in back in 2008, Lisa has greatly impacted every sector of the business. Lisa has thoroughly enjoyed being able to see all aspects of the business and make many connections with the people who work for the company. She firmly believes in the value of establishing connections and realizes that a key to business is building your network, while also being a genuine person. Sincere connections are the best way to encourage your employees and accomplish the company’s goals.

For over seven years, Lisa Laporte has overseen all aspects of the technology based podcasting company.TWiT’s netcasts are centered around technology and technology news. Hosts of the shows are usually experts in certain fields, either by working in the field itself or by being a journalist covering the field. The podcast network promotes round-table discussions and debates surrounding current technology news and reviews, with a particular focus on consumer electronics and the Internet.The format of the show encourages spontaneity, though the conversations are often based on various technology topics. Today, TWiT hosts twenty-two podcasts and live streaming shows, including The Tech Guy, This Week in Tech, Security Now, FLOSS Weekly, MacBreak Weekly, Tech News Today, and 15 other podcasts covering various topics including technology companies, computer security, social networking, and current technology news.

For Lisa, what initially attracted her to TWiT, was the challenge. At that point, podcasting was new, so for Lisa, the challenge of evolving a startup in a new media industry was more than exciting. Lisa Laporte was eager to be involved, taking part in taking the business to the next level. No matter what she does, Lisa approaches it with a will to learn more and improve the business in any way possible. With her vast experience in business, Lisa understands how important it is to constantly develop new methods of running a business and staying on top of current industry trends.

Having been an integral part of the network for close to a decade, Lisa Laporte has become exceedingly passionate about the technology industry. Be it Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple, Lisa is attracted to the ever changing landscape of tech and how tech giants like these continue to change the world we live in. The rapid growth of connectivity, amongst not only society but our homes and appliances, that is all due to the evolution of technology. Understanding that evolution, and the impact it continues to have on various industries is what continues to inspire Lisa.

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