Podcasts are becoming much trendier than they once were as people realize they can find a podcast on virtually any industry, topic, or issue. You can use podcasts to help you solve a problem or learn something new. For many, podcasts are the perfect accessory to help them focus on their work and get motivated to complete what needs to get done. However, some people question whether or not podcasts are actually beneficial to listen to while working and if they can actually help productivity or are simply another distraction. Here are some reasons why podcasts are helpful for productivity.

Make you feel accomplished

The majority of people I know who listen to podcasts do it in order to learn more about a topic they’re interested in that’s often unrelated to their work. While you can certainly use podcasts to enhance what you’re doing for your job, it can be rewarding to feel like you’re accomplishing even more at work by learning about a new subject. This sense of accomplishment increases your satisfaction and when you’re satisfied at work, you’ll be more productive because you feel like you’re doing something important!

Source of inspiration and fun

We all know that sometimes work can feel monotonous. When you feel bored at work, time drags on and it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. Instead of letting yourself get bogged down with the repetitive tasks you need to complete, listen to podcasts for a source of inspiration. There are lots of podcasts out there that can motivate you to work or are just fun, such as ones that revolve around humor, interesting facts, or storytelling. If you’re actually enjoying what you’re doing, you’ll be more inclined to get done what you need to do.

Background noise

Podcasts provide a great source of background noise, which helps prevent you from becoming distracted by conversations around you at work. Even if you aren’t intently listening to the podcast hosts, it’s more beneficial than trying to work in complete silence or ignore the noises around you. Podcasts are particularly helpful to people who find music too distracting. Studies have shown that background noise also helps people focus better.

Specifically about productivity

Besides teaching you more about general topics and inspiring you to get work done, there are plenty of podcasts out there that focus specifically on improving productivity. Even if you don’t want to listen to these podcasts while trying to get work done, you can listen during your commute and learn great tips to increase productivity.

Not for everyone
Finally, it’s worth noting that listening to podcasts while doing work might not be for everyone. Maybe it’s impossible for you to focus with any noise around you and you’d prefer to have noise-cancelling headphones and work in silence. Maybe having people talk is too distracting and you prefer music. I’d recommend trying podcasts to see if they do help you; don’t write them off without trying! But, if listening to podcasts while you work truly isn’t for you, that’s okay. Listening to podcasts has a huge range of benefits, so even if you don’t listen to them while working, consider listening to them for fun, during your commute, or some other time.