Humans can often have a decidedly uneasy relationship with tech. The same technological advancements that make life better or easier can also make it harder or worse. In a world of global connectivity, some people can feel more isolated than ever before. The same tech that allows us to work from home can also make it difficult to unplug from work. That being said, there is no good or bad tech, it’s all in how you use it. Here are five great pieces of office tech that can help create a better work environment.

Fully adjustable desks

In a digital world, more and more people are spending the majority of their day at their desks. Not only is this trend bad for their health but it can also have a significant impact on energy levels and even morale. The standing desk was a leap forward, but also is not practical for everyday use. Fully adjustable desks allow users to completely customize their desk for their own needs and even adjust the configuration as their needs change. This customization also allows individuals to share workstations and adjust them to their own specific needs.

Smart glass

Much like plants, humans do not do well in dark or dimly lit spaces and even good lighting only does so much. The truth is, our bodies do best with natural light but natural light can also be the enemy of many offices. Large windows that let in great natural light can also create a harsh glare on workstations and even be blinding at certain times of day. Enter smart windows that naturally adjust throughout the day to let in light while dimming down the harshest of rays. Not only does this technology save on eye strain, but it can also help significantly reduce energy costs in the summer.

Smart offices

Motion sensors that turn lights on and off in an unused room have long been a basic staple in offices. Now that information can be transmitted for other uses. Office workers can quickly see where everyone is congregated to determine if they want to join in or find someplace a little quieter. Heavy usage in one area of the building can also be used to turn heating or cooling up or down in that specific area. Even extra janitorial services can be summoned for areas of higher-than-average use and canceled on days an area is not used.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash