Whether you’re a huge tech fan or can barely navigate your smartphone, these documentaries will help reveal some very interesting, and sometimes dangerous aspects, of the tech world.


Coded Bias

This Netflix documentary shines a light on the biases and racism that plague our technology. It all stems from the people who created it in the first place and what that means for non-white communities. Cnet gives a great run down about this power documentary.


The Age of A.I.

The YouTube original documentary explores the always-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence. Robert Downey Junior Hosts this eight-part series and will help you, deep-dive, into the subject from the good to the questionable. 


The Social Dilemma

We can be really attached to our social media. This documentary shows you how it’s designed to keep you engaged and how far that can go. Check out this New York Times Review for more information.


I Am Human

Cyborgs are no longer a Star Trek science fiction idea. I Am Human is a documentary about real-life scientists placing implants in the brain to help people from paraplegics to mechanical arms. Check it out for a deeper look.


Documentaries can be heavy. But they are done for a reason and they aren’t all doom and gloom. It’s always a good idea to look further into different subject matter and tech is definitely one of them. Watch one of these and you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible.


Photo by Grace Brauteseth on Unsplash