In recent years, eReaders have become an increasingly popular option for literature fans looking to indulge their reading habit with ease and accessibility. And while some staunch traditionalists still insist on stocking their shelves with paper-bound copies of their favorite tomes, many lifelong literature fans are taking the plunge and picking up an eReader from their local bookstore or favorite online marketplace.

So, why do so many people nowadays swear by their eReaders? Here are just a few perks of using one of these popular devices and why doing so might just change your life for the better.


While you might have difficulty packing a shelf of books to bring with you on your next vacation, an eReader will easily allow you to bring as many books as you like on a trip out of town. Electronic books tend to take up very little digital space on a computer or tablet, meaning that well over 1000 books can be kept on a device about the size of your average magazine. For many people, the sheer variety of reading materials afforded by ownership of an eReader or tablet can’t be beat.

Taking notes

If you’re the kind of person who likes taking notes when you read, you’ll love the opportunity to mark and save passages in your eReader. Whether you’re a student writing a report on a classic novel or simply a person who loves jotting down inspirational quotes while reading, the ease with which an eReader can notate passages will often win over the hearts and minds of even the sternest reading traditionalists.

Easier reading for greater comfort

If you’ve ever lugged around a novel by Tolstoy or George R.R. Martin, you probably know the pain of lifting and holding a heavy volume for hours at a time. Because eReaders are lightweight and easy to hold with one hand, they’re often a first choice for reading buffs who want to relax while immersing themselves in a favorite story. And that is vacation reading done right!

For these reasons, using an eReader can be one of the most enjoyable activities that fans of literature can undertake. With their excellent storage capabilities and ease of use, it is little wonder why eReaders are changing the way that many readers are approaching their favorite pastime. Try an eReader today, and you might just become a lifelong eBook devotee.

Photo by James Tarbotton on Unsplash.