Google Assistant has given all Android users the powers of a secretary packed into their devices. You’ll be able to streamline your daily tasks with simple commands that help save you time. Here are the best functions that every Android user will find beneficial.

Hands-free calling

Google Assistant can make calls for you. You’re saving time by not scrolling through your phone to find a contact. If you want to make a call, simply say “call” and the name of the contact. It can also make calls to any listed business. To go totally hands-free, just say “call [contact] on speaker”.

Sending texts

You can use Assistant to send text messages without touching your phone. Create a message by saying “text, [contact], [message].” It will ask for confirmation before sending. It can also read your messages to you when you say “read messages from [contact]”.

Using Gmail

There are voice commands for searching for and sending emails. Create and send an email by giving the voice command “send email to [contact], subject [subject content] message [message content]”. To pull up those messages, say “find my emails from [contact]” or “find emails about [subject].”

Calendar, notes, and reminders

If you want to schedule an event, say “add to my calendar” plus the event name, date and time. When you want to know about upcoming events, you can ask a variation of “what’s happening on [specific day/date].”

Assistant can deliver reminders when and where you need them. Say “remind me [reminder] at [time/location].” If this is recurring, include the word “every” to be reminded regularly.

Taking notes is also easier with Assistant. When you create a note by saying “note to self [content],” you’re able to dictate a note and it’s saved to your favorite note-taking app. It works with Google Keep, One Note, Evernote and Trello.

Other cool features

Google Assistant can navigate your phone and open apps for you. You can also search within the app. For instance, you can open a document within Google Drive by asking “open Google Drive” then “open [document name].”

If you want to know anything about sports, weather, travel, local events, or even look up a word, Assistant has you covered.

Your device is with you most times of the day. Assistant makes it easy to stay up to date with or keep track of the things you need. Whether you’re driving, cooking, or focusing on other tasks that require your hands and eyes, Google Assistant can make multitasking easier than ever before.

Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash