Over the last few years, more and more people have begun investing in smart technology. Now, you can find many items designed to make your daily life simpler and aid in doing more mundane tasks. Every smartphone has a personal assistant on it, whether it’s Siri or the Android version. You can easily speak to your phone and send messages or get important (and sometimes not important) information. Recently, smart speakers have become increasingly popular on the market. There are various benefits to getting one of these devices and using it in your home; here are just a few of the perks a smart speaker provides, though some features depend on the specific brand of device you choose to purchase.

Easy media access

The most common use of these smart speakers is usually to listen to media. Having a speaker makes it easy to play, pause, or change music and have it audible throughout your home. While using more traditional speakers is fine, smart speakers allow you to manage music or other media with simply your voice so you don’t have to stop whatever task you’re currently occupied with. You can play music, podcasts, or the news while you’re getting ready in the morning, cooking, or doing something else around your home.

Invigorate your morning routine

A smart speaker can serve as your alarm, music player, weather and news update, and task reminder in the morning. While you’re getting ready, you can have the speaker remind you of what you need to get done that day, read out your calendar, send important messages, or simply let you know what traffic is like on your way to work. You can save yourself precious time that you’d spend looking this information up on your own.

Communicate in your home

Most smart speakers allow you to connect to other speakers in your home and often include the capability to use the speakers to communicate. If you’re in your garage or basement and you need to tell someone else in the house something important or need help with a task, you can simply call for them through the device instead of pausing your work and looking for them. This feature can save you minutes and help avoid having to stop in the middle of an important project.

Sync other devices

Besides other smart speakers, you can often sync these devices to other smart technology in your home. Many speakers can be synced to lights, security systems, thermostat, or other smart appliances. You can make your smart speaker the hub for managing your homes features instead of worrying about every individual device.

Aid in other tasks

Your morning routine is not the only way a smart speaker can help you out; if you’re cooking and need to read a recipe, but don’t have the time to pick up your phone, you can simply ask the speaker to read you the directions. You can send emails or other important messages using your voice or locate important information while you’re occupied doing something else. If you’re working on some other project but don’t have your hands free, the smart speaker can read out instructions. You can also listen to podcasts or audiobooks while doing something else.