We’ve been able to accomplish endless amounts with technology. Incredible strides have been made in every industry thanks to new technology and we’re all living life in ways that weren’t previously possible. One way that technology has greatly improved people’s lives is through providing more opportunities for independence, especially to people who have disabilities of some sort and weren’t able to previously live on their own. Now, many people who would have had to rely on someone else for various tasks can use technology to help them like never before.

Speaking assistance

One of the most common ways technology benefits those with disabilities is through making it easier for them to speak and communicate with others. Someone may be mute, deaf, blind, or unable to communicate like most people for some other reason. However, there are plenty of varied pieces of technology that make it easier for a person to direct the device on what to say or how to convey their feelings and share that with others. Some people who can’t speak are able to write out what they want to say or have a device verbalize messages for them. There are even devices that follow eye movements of people and are able to spell out messages.

Reporting information

For someone who’s blind, it can be incredibly challenging to navigate the world. Many devices make this issue easier by responding to voice commands. You can ask a smartphone or other device to place calls on your behalf, read back notes, read books or articles, and tell you the time or weather. For someone who doesn’t have the use of their arms, vocal commands are also useful and can give them helpful information and increase independence.

Find accessible spaces

Sometimes, it can be difficult for people who use wheelchairs or have other accessibility issues to find places that cater to their needs. With resources like AXS Map, it’s possible for people to look up accessible restaurants and other sites that’ll make their trip easier. Thanks to other online communities, like Yelp, Facebook, or Google Maps, it’s easier for people to find destinations that cater to their unique needs.

Enables movement

Lots of people have to deal with disabilities that limit their movement. However, thanks to advanced wheelchairs and other movement devices, people can now use technology to help them move around of their own volition. Technology such as advanced wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs, it’s easier than ever before for many people to be independent.

Improved devices

Overall, many of these devices existed previously, but they’ve significantly advanced over the last several years. As we move forward, we’ll see this pattern continue where technology to help with independence improves and makes life easier for anyone with disabilities. A type of technology that’s quickly advancing is self-driving cars. For someone who is unable to drive for whatever reason, an automated car could be life-changing. Instead of relying on others to drive them around, they can use their own vehicle that drives itself. Technology trends to increase independence for all kinds of people and lead to a much brighter future.