With the convenience of certain technological devices, new parents can care for their infants in a safer and less stressful manner than ever before. There is plenty of technology available for parents to better monitor their children and keep them safe. In another parental effort for safety, there are now apps that prevent distractions for their teens when they drive a vehicle.

Technology designed for parents of babies and toddlers

Baby monitors

Considered by many parents as an indispensable aid, these devices have been around for a while. New models have a two-way intercom, a remote temperature display, a camera that can zoom in or pan the area, and a setting for audio only. All of these features make it easier for parents to check on their children while they’re in their cribs and ensure they aren’t getting into any trouble.

Baby tubs

Baby sink-size tubs hold newborns safely while parents bathe them. One new model by 4Moms has a digital thermometer to ensure that the water is a safe temperature and is the most comfortable for your child.


Parents can easily find a babysitter by using an app called UrbanSitter, a site that BusinessInsider calls “trustworthy and easy to use.” Sitters are listed, rated, and recommended by mothers that others often know in their communities. You can ensure that the person you’re entrusting your child to is experienced and reliable.

Alarm clock/night-light

For those exhausted parents whose nights are short and who have little ones awakening at the first hint of dawn, there is a specially designed OK to Wake clock. As toddlers awaken, they can see if the green light is on, indicating that it is “okay” to get out of bed. If the light is yellow, they must remain in bed, but once the light turns green, the children can get out of bed. Parents should initially set the time to 15 to 20 minutes later than their children usually awaken; later, they can adjust the time again. One doctor instructs parents that while they cannot control a child’s awakening, they can control behavior. Although the clock may not work for everyone, many children perceive the idea of waiting for the green color as a cue to get up, almost as though they are playing a game.

Road safety apps for teens

Prevention of distractions

Apps are available to control what the teen can and cannot do on the phone while driving. A reward system can also be installed to reinforce safe driving habits. As much as try to drill the importance of not checking your phone while driving, too many teens do not understand the danger (many adults do not understand it either).

Supervision of driver

Among the apps for parental supervision of teens’ driving is Autobrain. This app reports where and how fast the driver is going and when he or she arrives. Possible collision apps, along with automatic crash response are available if something does happen.