With Apple’s recent announcement of their newest reincarnation of the iPhone comes Apple’s biggest iPhone ever. In Apple’s latest release, die-hard iPhone lovers will be able to choose between the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS. Though these two phones look just about identical to the last model, there are a few distinct differences. First of all, both models are available in gold. Then, the most obvious difference is that the XS Max is BIG.

The new models

While a more cost-effective option, the iPhone XR, was also part of the release, the real story is found in the two new flagship models: the XS and XS Max. Defined mostly by their spec upgrades, these newer iPhones also feature speed increases for Face ID, wider stereo sound in the speakers, and a display that has a better dynamic range. Additionally, these newer models are more water resistant than any other iPhones before them.

Phone performance

Diving into the actual performance of the phones, the new iPhones’ processor has been designed with a major upgrade. These models are equipped with an A12 Bionic processor, featuring an industry first with its use of a six-core chip that utilizes a 7nm process. According to Tim Cook, this new reveal introduces “the most advanced iPhone we have ever created.” The words promise a great product.

The XS Max is Bigger Than the Galaxy Note 9

The game-changing iPhone XS Max is huge. Sporting a 6.5-inch screen, this iPhone is bigger than the 8 Plus model (5.5 inches). As far as competition goes, the Max outranks the Galaxy Note 9 (6.4 inches).

What’s so interesting about the Max model is its admission that smaller phone models are on their way out. As other companies and customers are latching onto larger phones, Apple’s 6.5-inch Max remains the largest.

While some consumers are jumping at the chance to own one of the largest phones, others are skeptical. Both excited and uncertain consumers should realize that the added size of the Max comes from its height, not its width. This means that while it does indeed have a larger screen, it will still be just as easy to hold onto.


One of the most exciting updates coming to both the XS and XS Max is a camera upgrade. Equipped with “Smart HDR”, these phones will be able to capture photos better than their other iPhone predecessors.

The most popular trend in the phone world today is proving to be “the bigger the phone, the better”. The iPhone XS Max certainly caters to this trend and will likely solidify Apple as the leader in the world of large phones.