The establishing of artificial intelligence (AI) and its integration into computerized technology are consequently bringing about the rapid rise of facial recognition applications. These are in use already, and your face might have previously been recognized several times without your awareness. Facial recognition tech analyzes the faces of millions every day through the use of special biometric calculations.

Mapping the Face

What makes you unique as a human will give you away to facial recognition technologies. The face is mapped out, and a digital map of an individual’s face is created at lightning speed. For example, the space between a person’s eyes is calculated. Also the space between the chin and forehead, and so on. After countless measurements like these have taken place, a mathematical formula, known as a facial template or facial signature, is then created. These are measurements that are truly unique to your face; as unique as a signature or fingerprint.

Accessing Accounts and Services

Businesses, as well as private individuals, are now directly affected by the rise of facial recognition technology. Do you have one of the newest Android or iPhone smartphones? Its camera is probably equipped with facial recognition software that measures dimensions on your face. You can turn it on while taking a picture, but some models use facial recognition to access the phone itself. This is how intimately close to our daily lives and habits this technology is getting to be.

Facial measurements are used as signatures for accessing devices and accounts on a personal and professional level. In businesses across practically all industries, facial recognition is used for identity fraud prevention, authentication and access to exclusive accounts and information.

Verifying Travelers at Airports

Facial recognition technology (FRT) is installed in many smart cameras now, including those art airport terminals. They have been used to verify passengers boarding flights by capturing faces and analyzing facial measurements previously mentioned. Not every passenger who discovers that this has been going on for years is happy about the news, either. Privacy rights and similar issues come into play now. This is why legislation is being created to regulate the use of what can be highly intrusive technology when used unethically.

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash.