It is impossible to deny that technology has had any impact on the general workplace. Those who remember the days of mimeograph machines, typewriters, and actual lead pencils will attest that we are living and working in a different time. Workers who have successfully bridged the gap from the traditional workplace to the automated office offer a few of the most dramatic ways businesses and industries have been changed due to technological advancements. 

Effective Communication

One of the most obvious ways that technology has impacted the workplace is the new methods of communication. Email, instant chat groups, and video meetings have all been instrumental in improving ways that people communicate. The increased number of ways to conduct business, whether locally or globally, simply increases efficiency across the board. Decisions can be made and enforced, with signed contracts in hand, within a few short hours. New opportunities have opened up to conduct business internationally, and the language barriers continue to break down with the help of translation apps. Since communication is the foundation of any personal or professional relationship, having the ability to improve how people communicate is an obvious benefit for the business. 

Process Improvement

Technology has also helped businesses and organizations thrive by streamlining processes and standard operating procedures. This is in large part due to the introduction of business software. Further enhancements and customization for specific businesses and industries have eliminated many cumbersome aspects of data collection. Further, instant reporting has improved the way businesses are able to analyze potential investment opportunities. Technology has even changed the way businesses recruit new employees. Job seekers apply online and may be required to complete a survey or personality questionnaire to determine if their characteristics and values will align positively with the corporate culture. 

Budget Reductions

These typical examples represent only a very small number of ways that technology has changed the workplace. These advancements have obviously changed the physical appearance of the workplace. Leather portfolios and pencil cups have been replaced with wires, dual monitors, and tablets. The philosophy in the workplace has also been radically impacted by modern technology. Smartphones are a necessary evil, providing both efficient tools and annoying distractions. Scheduling or rescheduling a meeting can be completed immediately, and multiple parties are able to collaborate on a variety of issues and projects instantly.

Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash.