As someone who is responsible for social media management you need to be able to get more done than others on your team. Today, social media is the king of marketing. It allows you to reach your market in zero time with almost no cost. You can promote content, reach out to fans, and engage in conversations with followers. However, you need the right tools or you could miss out on opportunities to grow your social media presence as fast as possible. Here are 5 apps you should consider using to make your life easier as a social media manager.


Sending tweet after tweet can get downright tiring, especially when you have to remember to do it every day. And it is almost impossible to sit on your phone or computer all day and send tweets out every few minutes. So what is the solution? Luckily, HootSuite lets you create tweets ahead of time. You can put them in the queue and schedule when you want them to go out. It will look someone is manning the account all day when in reality the app is doing all the work for you.


Having a way to manage all of your social media contacts, such as customers and fans, is important. However, it is hard to manage all of these contacts without some sort of central system. Thankfully, that is where Hubspot comes in. With Hubspot you can enjoy a full CRM that also is geared toward marketing on social media and makes your life easier.


TweetDeck offers similar benefits to HootSuite. It lets you schedule tweets and check new tweets or responses right in the app. Its price point is a bit more attractive, however, because you can only schedule 30 messages at a time for free on Hootsuite.


There is more to social media than Twitter. So whenever you want to sync up tweets, email, FB, Instagram, and more, create an automated sequence with IFTTT and enjoy hands free productivity and low cost management.

When it comes to social media, it is getting more competitive than ever. That is why you need the best apps that money can buy so you can get the more menial tasks out of the way to focus on creative marketing. If you use the apps above, you can automate much of your workflow and get more done in less time. Don’t hesitate, find out which one will best suit your needs and start saving yourself time today so you can focus on all the higher level things you need to focus on in your business.