Improving your home WiFi is a daunting task if you are unfamiliar with technology and do not know a lot about your internet connection. Luckily, a few at home hacks will make your life so much easier by increasing your internet connection. Here are some ways to improve your WiFi signal at home.

Reboot your router regularly

Rebooting your router on a regular basis helps get your signal to the optimum operating level. Some routers have a schedule you can set for automatic resetting, which would save you the hassle of manually doing it and having to remember to do so every so often. Rebooting your router gives your signal a clear chance to reset itself and see if the connection is better.

Boost your signal with foil

It might seem like an unusual idea, but if you take tin foil and wrap it around your antenna to boost your signal, you should see a bit of improvement in no time. These results aren’t astronomical, but you will get a better signal. Another cheap way to boost your signal is to put an old coke can around the antenna.

Keep your neighbors out

Make sure you have a strong password that your neighbors don’t know to keep other people from using your signal without you knowing. Using a strong WiFi password also protects your personal information and makes your connection more secure. Be sure to change your password regularly to protect your WiFi as well.

Minimize your other devices

Having other devices in your home that use internet might be part of the problem and probably slowing down your internet service. Get rid of your cordless phone if possible in order to open up your internet connection. If you can’t get rid of these other devices, try moving your router away from them to increase your signal.

Find The right spot

The location of your router does matter when considering your internet signal. Keeping it away from walls and other interferences helps your signal to be as high as possible, so keeping it out in the open is the suggested location. Having your antennas perpendicular and raising your router are ways to help increase your signal.

Update your equipment

If you notice that your WiFi signal is weak and you can’t get it to improve, try updating your equipment and investing in a new router. As technology evolves, the older equipment becomes outdated and does not work as fast or as well as the new devices. Having the newest router on the market is not necessary, but keeping your equipment up to date helps boost your signal in your home.