We love our fur babies, and we want the very best for them. So why not give them the best gadgets money can buy? Here are a few things you might want to pick up for your pets that the world of technology has made possible.


Automatic Feeders


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Photo Credit: Amazon


Some of these things have been around for a while, but there is nothing like your cat meowing at you for food at 3 in the morning. Certain pets can’t graze because they take it too far and gorge themselves on their kibble. Grab one of these babies so you don’t have to drag yourself to the scooper. Some automatic feeders have the ability to keep wet food cold so as not to go bad, and some are so good they hold a lot in the tank and then release the correct portion size! Whichever one suits the needs for you and your pet, they are a great thing to get.


High Tech Litter Boxes


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Photo Credit: litter robot

Not everyone has a cat, but for those who are feline parents, having a litter box that scoops its own litter is a blessing. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect has a WiFi-enabled app that allows you to see when the drawer is full so you know exactly when you need to go empty it out.


Pet Toys


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Photo Credit: petco.com


We love our pets, but throwing a ball over and over for your dog can get tiring. Let tech come to your aid! There are some amazing toys out there like the iFetch, that will throw the ball for you! Some toys toss treats or points a laser for your pet to chase. Leaving for the day won’t be so sad if you know your pet has something to do.


Pet Water Fountains


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Proper hydration is essential for the life and future life of your pet. Cat’s are prone to kidney disease and fresh filtered water is better for them in the long run. There are some pretty fancy fountains out there, so find the best one that fits your fur babies, whether it’s sleek and shiny or just plain cute.


Tech has a lot of possibilities that are just as relevant for your pets. Grab something that will improve your life and theirs.