While there are plenty of people out there who believe children shouldn’t be exposed to technology at a young age, it’s essentially an unavoidable part of the world that they’ll eventually have to learn to use. I agree that children shouldn’t be left to stare at a screen for hours on end, but there are definite benefits to using technology in productive ways, such as teaching children. Decide what is an appropriate age for your child to begin learning to use technology and then monitor their usage, but do not miss out on the great benefits pieces of tech can give your kids. If you need to be convinced, here are some of the ways you can use technology to teach your children.

Have fun creating presentations

In school, students often have to create presentations on various subjects for their classes. This assignment can feel tedious and many students dread working on presentations since it means speaking in front of their class, using software they’re unfamiliar with, and researching a topic they may not find interesting. In order to prepare your child for these assignments, make a fun presentation with them about a topic they’re interested in. Kids like learning about something they’re genuinely passionate about and it can be a great opportunity for them to learn how to use technology they’ll likely be using in school, but without the pressure of having an assignment due.

Suggest a blog on their favorite topic

If your child is older, suggest they start a blog about a topic they’re interested in, whether it’s a hobby, event, or something else. They can write when they feel like it, write however they want, and can be creative with their blog. This activity helps children learn about something they’re passionate about while also improving their writing skills.

Take a look at educational apps

There are endless amounts of apps designed to educate children out there, so do some research on them and choose a few that you think would benefit your kids. Educational apps can certainly help kids learn about a specific topic and better prepare them for a subject in school, while having the added bonus of being fun.

Help them find podcasts they like

There are plenty of benefits to listening to podcasts, for you and your child! Podcasts are educational as well as entertaining, so finding one your child enjoys can be a great experience. An added bonus of podcasts is that they don’t involve staring at a screen and can be listened to no matter what you’re doing.

Find apps related to their hobbies

In addition to an endless amount of educational apps, there’s an endless amount of apps on virtually any subject. No matter what you’re interested in learning about or what your hobby is, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find an app that relates to it. Help your children find apps connected to their favorite hobbies or subjects and let them learn more about something they’re passionate about.

Do a project using a video
Video technology is becoming increasingly popular, especially with videos becoming the most popular form of digital marketing. Being literate in video technology is a huge benefit for your kids and it’s something that can be fun to learn! There’s a huge need for people who know how to use recording and editing software, so encourage your kids to create their own videos about something they’re interested in or act out a story with their friends.